John and Caroline by James Spada


John and Caroline is a fantastic black and white depiction of the lives of the beloved Kennedy children. This book has 255 photos starting from their births up until John Jr’s tragic premature death.

“They were the youngest children to live in the White House in over a century -Caroline just three and John Jr a newborn when their father took the oath of office. Symbolizing the youthful vigor of the new administration, they won the hearts of the American people as they romped around – and under their father’s desk in the Oval Office. And when, three years later, Caroline kissed JFK’s coffin and John Jr. saluted the passing bier, they were forever etched into the nation’s collective heart.”

“We see their awkward adolescence, their sorrows at senseless losses in the family, their first forays into romance, their efforts to establish themselves as responsible adults, their happy marriages and Caroline’s motherhood. And we watch in admiration as Caroline recovers from the untimely death of her beloved brother to assume the mantle of the Camelot legend.”

The nation fell in love with the  young Kennedys as they moved into the White House and continued to be interested in their lives as they grew up. Their lives were well documented and it’s a great look into their lives with and without their beloved father JFK. Jackie Kennedy raised such responsible, kind hearted adults and she deserves all the praise and admiration. My heart breaks for Caroline who has witnessed such tragedy in her life. The Kennedys continue to peak my interest.


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