Travel Thursdays : Ha Tien, Vietnam

Ha Tien is a smaller beach town in Southern Vietnam that is on the border of Cambodia. My dad has friends there who we went to visit for a few days.

Here we all are enjoying a day on the beach under these straw huts. image_1-5

Mini crab holes all over the beach.


My boyfriend enjoying the beach side hammock during sunset. image_1-7

The beautiful landscape of Ha Tien from on top of a small mountain. image_1

At the top of one of the mountains we went up, people tie straws and mini plastic bags to tree branches and twigs. They believe that you tie your negative energies to the tree and it will be carried off by the wind and taken care of.


Stair fail. image_1-5




This gate is the border of Cambodia. We just stepped into Cambodia for a few minutes.


Downtown Ha Tien at night. image_1-2

The following two pictures are from the night market.image_1-2


Both times I’ve been to Ha Tien, we always go to this restaurant. It’s so peaceful and pretty.

Vietnam is big on iced tea, they usually serve this instead of water at restaurants.image_1-1


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