Jackie After Jack by Christopher Andersen



Last week I reviewed Sweet Caroline by Christopher Andersen and this week I’m reviewing Jackie After Jack by the same author.  He writes at such great length about his subjects and I, once again, really enjoyed this book. It was an intimate look into the complicated life of Jackie Bouvier Kennedy Onassis.

I think the acknowledgement section by Christopher Andersen really summed up the book perfectly. “Jackie After Jack is the story of one remarkable woman’s struggle to survive emotionally in the wake of soul-crushing tragedy, of her quest for a love to rival the one she had known, and of her fierce desire to protect her children from being destroyed by the adulation that history has heaped upon them.”

The book goes into detail about her controversial marriage to Aristotle Onassis, her involvement in her children’s life, her years working as a book editor, her life in New York, and her loving relationship with Maurice Tempelsman, and life as Grand Jackie to her 3 grandchildren.

“She held no high office, wrote no great books, created no masterpieces, performed no heroic feats. She invented nothing, discovered nothing. She had no interest in actin and could barely carry a tune. Yet she was the most celebrated American woman of the twentieth century.”

Although there are many well known stories about the Kennedys out there, I always learn something new about them every time I read another Kennedy book and I am continually fascinated.  Christopher Andersen has a book entitled “Jack and Jackie : Portrait of an American Marriage” and I’m sure I will be reading that one soon. I highly recommend this book as well as Sweet Caroline.


WP_000712This picture is from this summer when I was reading this book at the Indiana Dunes, a perfect beach read.



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