Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang by Chelsea Handler


Earlier this summer I read Chelsea’s Lies Chelsea Handler Told Me. It was such a fun read.  I love her humor and wanted to read her other books . So I read Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang which was equally as funny and entertaining.

Chelsea comes from a big family, as the youngest of 5, and told some hilarious stories of her childhood. She talked about her parents and the way they reacted to her antics as a child. She is honest about her not-so-perfect relationship with her father.  But she has her siblings to talk to about their father and his crazy ways.

This book also chronicles more of Chelsea’s sarcasm and practical jokes she plays on her friends and family. This book has similar themes as Lies Chelsea Handler Told Me, with her practical jokes on her coworkers and boyfriend at the time, and her generosity in vacationing with those she works with.

I’m a fan of Chelsea’s offbeat humor and really enjoy her books. It’s no wonder she is so popular and well liked.


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