Travel Thursday : Duke’s in Tacoma, Washington

Last month my boyfriend and I went to a wedding in the beautiful Washington state. He was working in Olympic National Park and I was flying in from Chicago. He very kindly made the 3 and a half hour trek to pick me up at the Sea-Tac Airport. Then we headed to lunch in Tacoma.

Our friend, the groom of the wedding, and his now wife used to live in Tacoma and recommended that we eat at Duke’s Chowder House. It was absolutely delicious! I ordered two blackened bering sea cod tacos  and they were some of the best tacos I have ever eaten! And I wouldn’t even consider myself a big fish taco eater, but man it was good! If you ever have the pleasure of going, that’s what I would recommend, but they have a huge menu and I’m sure everything else is equally as delicious! My boyfriend had been to this place two weeks earlier and took me back and he loved the chipotle wild salmon sandwich so much the first time, he ordered it again. The day we went it was cloudy and about to rain so unfortunately the outside deck was closed, but it has a great view!

They have 6 total Washington state locations, 3 being in Seattle. Be sure to stop in in you’re in the neighborhood!





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