Travel Thursday : Road Signs!

Coming from the Midwest the only road signs I see are for deer and duck crossings. Not extremely exciting or exotic animals.



So on our road trip last year that we took from Chicago to San Francisco we saw some really fun animal road signs.



image_1-3This is from Utah. I love the open road! I love that it’s not littered, there are no signs of commercialism and no chain restaurants. Make sure to fill up on gas though on road like this because the stations are few and far between!

image_1-4This turtle sign was from Death Valley in California.

image_1-5This was right outside of the Vegas strip.


image_1-7This was by the Grand Canyon in Arizona.

image_1-8This was also near the Grand Canyon.

image_1This was right outside of Maroon Bells in Aspen Colorado.

Sadly we didn’t have the pleasure of encountering any of these animals, maybe next time!

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