Beauty by Lauren Conrad


Lauren Conrad is a reality star from her days of MTV’s Laguna Beach and then the Hills. She has been in the entertainment business for years and knows a lot  getting her hair and makeup professional done. In this book, Beauty, she offers lots of various tips that she has picked up over the years.

The chapters are divided into sections of hair, makeup, nails, fitness, and stress. There are lots of pictures that are very helpful especially in the makeup section. She explains step by step process to get the everyday make up look as well as fancy nights out on the town. There are also pictures of different nail designs she teaches you how to do step by step.

To make it universal to all readers she includes different models with different features and skin types which is very helpful since everyone has such different looks.

In the hair section she showcases different braids, and I wish she had more detailed pictures of the braiding process versus just showing the end result.

She shows her hair evolution and the styles she has gone through throughout the years, which was fun to see. She now pretty much sticks to her long beachy blonde waves because she knows it works for her.

Overall although she covers a lot of ground she doesn’t really go too in depth. It’s more of a basic beauty guide, which is nice to experiment and learn some tips she has learned from the pros.  She also doesn’t name any specific brands of beauty products because she says they change all the time.

Next Tuesday I’ll go over “I Do, Now What?” by one of my favorite celebrity couples, Bill and Giuliana Rancic.


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