Lies That Chelsea Handler Told Me


If you watch her shows Chelsea Lately, or After Lately on the E! Network, you will know the Chelsea is all kinds of funny. She is brutally honest and comments on pop culture on a daily basis. I’ve always enjoyed her tell it like it is humor and was excited to read her book. I plan on reading her other 3 books as well but I wanted to read this one first because it’s the most recent, and it’s written by people who are closest to her.

The book is made up of 13 chapters from people in her life including her brothers, sister, stylist, publicist, and co-workers. They all talk about how generous she is with her staff trips frequently in Cabo, and how she always takes them along with her on international trips around the world. She even paid for one of her co-workers honeymoon in Italy. She is also known for being very loyal. She has stayed friend with waitresses she used to work with before making it big. She invited one of her brothers to come to LA and live with her once she found success.

On the flip side she is known to mess with everyone in her life. She hacks into her co-workers emails and announces fake pregnancies, comes out of the closet and basically wrecks havoc. She has also made a co-worker think he lost thousands of dollars in a bet. Her lies can sometimes last up to 6 months! It was really funny to get an insight into the practical jokes Chelsea likes to play. And at the end of the day everyone in the book says that if Chelsea loves you she humiliates you, it’s her way of showing she cares. And at end of each chapter Chelsea write a few sentences about the story just shared or the relationship with that person, and the book is filled with behind the scenes pictures of Chelsea and her victims.

Great read, very funny, and paints a great picture of who the real Chelsea Handler is.

Next Tuesday I’ll be switching gears with a fantastic read about the Kennedy family entitled, “After Camelot,” by J. Randy Taraborrelli.



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