4th of July Desserts!!

Happpppppy Fourth of July fellow bloggers and readers!!!! Today marks a great day for our nation and is a celebration of our freedom and rights as Americans. It also acts as a great reason for us to get together and have dessert! 🙂 Here are some fun, delicious, desserts for you and your friends. Enjoy!! 075a18da924e1731a3fab648d1e5944eThe recipe for these berry and coconut cupcake flag can be found at Good Housekeeping’s website.


These adorable strawberries’s recipes can be found at Grin and Bake It’s website.


Martha Stewart knows what she’s doing. Here is her recipe for cream cheese cupcakes with fruit toppings.



Martha Stewart has yet another great 4th of July dessert: Vanilla-Raspberry Sundaes with Spoon-Shaped Cookies!



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