My Summer Reading List

Now that the warm summer months are finally upon us it is the perfect time to sit outside, bask in the glowing sunshine, and get lost in a great book.
I always tell myself that I am going to read once I get around to it, and of course I never do. I started to make a list of books I want to read once I have more time and I’m finally getting to it! And I’ll admit the reason that I’m getting back into reading is because my boyfriend is out of town for 2 months for work, so I have a lot more time on my hands.
So join me every Tuesday for the next 3 months (12 books) as I recap them and give you my thoughts. I would also love to hear your opinions about these books, or any other recommendations that you may  have for me.
Happy Reading!
WP_000373Here is my summer reading list in no particular order.

To kick off my new book review series next Tuesday I chose Mindy Kaling’s Is Everybody Hanging Out Without Me?


5 thoughts on “My Summer Reading List

  1. JD Silk

    I really enjoyed the Happiness Project and am looking forward to reading it again. Might not be everyone’s type of book but I liked it and hope you do too. Have fun reading.

  2. I am really looking forward to that one! I’ve heard great things about it.

    Have you read her follow up book, Happier at Home? I’ll have to get to that one after as well.

    Thanks for commenting and stopping by!

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