Lauren Conrad Spring Collection 2013


I am currently loving Lauren Conrad’s 2013 spring collection available at Kohl’s. She has lots of fun prints and colors and the dresses are just fabulous!  I’ve attached the links to the clothes, happy shopping!!

130201_PS_LC_FEBMARThis adorable shirt is on sale at Kohl’s for $29.99 which you can find here at Kohl’s website.


This fun floral dress, that also comes in black, costs $42.

arRnV5c1LMZxygP2Kl0STQv4.jpeg_600x0_RThis great grey (also comes in black) blazer is available for $45.50 at Kohl’s. And the floral skinny jeans are $35.10.


I am loving this striped top, it also comes in red. It’s $23.40.The dot skinny jeans are $35.10.

130201_PS_LC_FEBMARThis great bow dress comes in pink, black, and green for $42.

130201_PS_LC_FEBMARThe ruffle top comes in both blue and white and is $26. The polka dot pleated shorts comes in navy blue, black, and red and cost $28.60.


This polka dot dress comes in white as well, and costs $42.

130201_PS_LC_FEBMARThis amazing, flowing, green skirt is $40.60.

1JdJSlhqjbM3fVvdZeSEDPOS.jpeg_600x0_RThese fantastically hot pink pants are $37.80.

e68bf2f8412c2f510be1a061ade5de37These fun pants comes also come in blue and peach and are $24.99.



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