Kennedy Home Movies

I have an immense obsession with the Kennedy Family. I have followed their family for years through books and documentaries. They just intrigue me and I am so interested in them and their privileged lives. They had so much potential and promise but had so many tragedies along the way.

I can’t imagine all the heartache that Rose Kennedy, the matriarch of the Kennedy family, had to endure over the years. She outlived 5 of her 9 children and lived to be 104 years old.

I have my opinions about the way Joe Kennedy Sr raised his children though. He pushed them so hard and only wanted winners and not losers, which instilled competitiveness among them. I also don’t agree with the infidelity he engaged in. But he did raise very respectable, upstanding citizens, accomplished adults. So for now we will leave it at that.

I have seen my share of Kennedy documentaries but I really enjoyed TLC’s Kennedy’s Home Movies (I watched it on Netflix). With so much coverage already done on the Kennedys it’s hard to do something that is different and that has never been done before. But because this has home video footage, it’s much more personal and intimate.

I like that they talked about 3rd generations of Kennedys as well as focused on other members of the family other than JFK. Don’t get me wrong I love JFK but I’ve heard his story more often than I have heard his other siblings and family members. So that was interesting insight that I haven’t previously heard as much.

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of John F. Kennedy‘s presidential inauguration, TLC is breaking out some rare footage and never-before-seen Kennedy family home movies — and ET has a sneak peek.

The two-hour special “Kennedys’ Home Movies,” narrated by Stockard Channing, follows three generations of the Kennedy family through private moments and historical events.

It begins with the rise of Joe Kennedy and his political plans for his namesake, Joe Jr., who was tragically killed in action in World War II. Joe Sr. then successfully set his sights on making JFK president of the United States.

The special also covers JFK’s romance with Jacqueline Bouvier, who became his wife and his widow when he was assassinated on Nov. 22, 1963.

The next Kennedy to run for the office of president was Robert Kennedy, who sadly was fatally shot by Sirhan Sirhan at the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles. And, then, of course, there was Edward “Teddy” Kennedy‘s failed run for the presidency and the Chappaquiddick scandal that could have ended his political career.

To find out what it really was like to be a Kennedy and to go inside the family’s compound in Hyannis Port.

Article from ET Online

Are there any other Kennedy fans out there who have seen this documentary? Any thoughts?


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