Gorgeous Greece

Every time I imagine Greece I think of the beautiful blue and turquoise ocean as well as the white houses stacked closed together along the hills. It seems like such a romantic country to visit with so much incredible scenery to take in.










4 thoughts on “Gorgeous Greece

  1. This post really did just lift my mood instantly! I wonder what it must be like for them to have their houses hugged around one another? The water is insane. I remember being really inspired by Alicia Key’s wedding video.

    1. I lived on a very small Greek island for a year until this past July. Very close to Santorini but much smaller (and in my opinion, more beautiful!). To answer your question: everyone knows everyone’s private business! It’s drop dead gorgeous, but it’s like a big family. A nosy family. Since I married a Greek, I’m doomed to live here forever 😉

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