Items I’ve Crossed Off My Bucket List

I have been incredibly lucky to travel in recent years to many amazing places. With two road trips out West with Dave I was able to cross of numerous items in a short time.

I am very passionate about traveling and look forward to getting stamps on my passport and adding more memories and adventures. All these pictures (minus the one in Hawaii) are courtesy of David Clawson who is an incredible photographer.

What are some of the best places you have been to?

Visit Mount Rushmore

Visit Crazy Horse

Go to Rocky Mountain National Park

Go to Yellowstone National Park

Go to the Grand Tetons National Park

Go to a destination wedding

Go to the Bahamas (St Johns and Virgin Gorda)

Go on a sailboat

Go to Seattle, Washington (See Pike’s Place, the Space Needle)

Go to the Badlands

Ride in a helicopter

Go to Washington D.C. (see the White House, Lincoln Memorial, Washington Monument)

Go to Oregon

Go to Hawaii

See Devil’s Tower

Witness Old Faithful

Camp Under the Stars


Go to the San Juan Islands

Go to Vietnam with Dave

Go on an amazing hike


6 thoughts on “Items I’ve Crossed Off My Bucket List

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