Diane Kruger

Diane Kruger is one pretty lady. She has great bone structure, I love her high cheek bones. I also adore her sense of style, it is so classy and sophisticated. a6f4589735ba30d1c5b64d6f7bdb8173






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Wild About Prince Harry

Even as children Harry was the naughtier brother and William was more serious.

Princess Diana and Prince Charles were very involved, loving parents to the boys. Their own upbringings affected the ways they parented the young boys. Prince Charles didn’t want his boys to have the same experience with boarding school which was very lonely for him. Princess Diana smothered her boys with love and affection.


Princess Diana was keen that her boys were well rounded and exposed to the world outside the palace walls. She gave them normal experiences and showed them real life situations and they met real people. She made sure to give both boys equal attention, because she didn’t want Harry to feel less important and special than William, who would one day be king.


When Diana and Charles divorced William and Harry leaned on each other to get through it together. Then at just 12 years old Harry and William, then 15, lost their beloved mother. The boys were shattered and their worlds came crashing down.

Harry had a hard time coping with the huge loss. He was a more serious boy after Diana’s death and wasn’t as carefree as he was previously. The boys went to school together at Eton boarding school to be close to one another. Harry was less academic than William was.

Around the age of 16, with Prince Charles away a lot, Harry began partying and experimenting. And at 18 with no plans to go to college Harry had more time to party. He was drinking and going to clubs late at night. He was receiving bad press and it wasn’t good for the royal family. He was dubbed the Party Prince. He lost his mother and didn’t really have a purpose so he was vulnerable to bad influences.

By 19 years old he met Chelsy Davy and they began dating and she provided emotional stability for him. And at 20 years old he joined Sandhurst, the equivalent of America’s West Point and he became disciplined and grew up.


At 23 he was able to serve on the front lines in Afghanistan. However his tour of duty was cut short by 2 months when the American media revealed his whereabouts. It posed a threat to him and his unit and was forced to go back home to London. Having served his country he proved himself to be more than just a party boy.

He and Chelsea dated on and off for 7 years but broke it off for good after he returned home from Afghanistan. Upon his return home Harry did charity work involving service men and women who have been injured on the front lines.


He also does charity work abroad in many important causes. He also started a charity in Lesotho working with underprivileged children, which was touched upon in the documentary about Prince Harry and Prince William titled, the Brother Princes, which I watched last month.

Through his charity work it is evident to see that he has his mother’s caring and compassionate ways in him. He is able to talk and relate to all sorts of people. He seems very down to earth and sweet.


And now that William is married and a father, the attention turns to Harry to choose a bride and start a family. And I for one, am very interested to see who he chooses. Whoever she is, she’s a very lucky lady.

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Bonnie Wright

Bonnie Wright has matured into a beautiful young lady. She was adorable in Harry Potter as Ginny Weasley and now she is so stylish and pretty. And I love her fiery red hair.
















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Paul Fredrick’s Summer Collection 2014

The other day I was asked by a representative from Paul Fredrick to pick out some of my favorite men’s look in their new Summer 2014 Collection. Everyone loves to get dressed up once in a while, and that includes men too. It’s always attractive to see a man in a new suit with a crisp, clean tie on.

Here are a few of my favorite looks from Paul Fredrick.

I love nautical themed clothing, reminds me of the East Coast and the open waters. I think this tie is so cute and perfect for spring and summer!


GYfJsosCirdkRqqcZ-f8EMIAkrRo_5NtFar1AXc-3WkThis tie is one of their best sellers (I can totally see why!) and it’s going for $62.50 right now. And they offer free shipping on orders over $100.

The other tie I’m loving from their collection is the polka dot tie. It comes in 6 different colors and is only $42.50 for one or two for $59.



I don’t shy away from colors and I like to see men looking confident in bright colors as well. Check out their dress shirts here.



Be sure to head over to their website and see all the different styles and colors they offer. The men in your life will be happy you did!


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