Brunette Ambition by Lea Michele



I really enjoyed this book by Lea Michele. She is most known for her role on Fox’s TV Hit Glee. I am not a big Broadway musical fan so I didn’t know her from Spring Awakening or Les Miserables, for which she is also well known.

This book is a great self help guide that covers a lot of topics. She shares professional tips from her beauty team including hair, make up, and style. She also features her trainer and her backyard workout with a few weights and resistance bands.

She moved from New York to LA for work and talks about finding good friends and having a support system. I relate to this because I moved from Chicago to LA and had to build my own support system of friends when I got here as well. She talks about the importance of maintaing friendships and helping to keep you sane in the industry and in life in general. She’s very relatable and I also like that about celebrities or people in the media to show that side.





Throughout the book Lea also offers up some of her favorite food recipes. Her whole book is filled with great pictures. Lea also shares fun behind the scenes pictures from Glee and her early days on Broadway. She also talks about Glee and how it changed her life. She talks very little about Cory Monteith, her boyfriend who passed away last year from a a combination of alcohol and heroine, which is understandably as it is very personal and heartbreaking. But she did say that he read the book and helped her with some edits.

She sometimes gets a bad rap in the media as being a diva. But as I see it, she is just a successful girl following her dreams and she shouldn’t have to apologize for it. She is a triple threat, she can sing, act, and dance. She’s also written this book, been on a successful series, sang at the White House, sang on Broadway, been nominated for a Golden Globe award, recorded an album, among other things! And she’s only 27!

Men in the entertainment industry don’t get attacked for being demanding or difficult to work with. I think women get an unfair light shed on them that is a double standard. Lea Michele is a force to be reckoned with, the world better watch out!



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Beautiful Brooke Burke Charvet

Brooke Burke Charvet is a great example of being a working mom and having it all. She was the co host of Dancing with the Stars, is happily married, has 4 kids, and a rocking body! She also very bravely over came thyroid cancer this year! I love her style and and her honesty that she displays in her blog.

I’m currently in the middle of reading her book, The Naked Mom. Come back in 3 weeks on Wednesday the 27th for my book review.



















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Music Mondays: Vance Joy – RipTide

So I’ve revamped my graphic for Music Mondays . What do you think?

This week’s song is Vance Joy – Rip Tide. My boyfriend introduced this song to me and it has since become a staple in our playlists. It is so catchy and fun! I love singing and dancing to this song every time it’s on. It’s contagious. Have a listen and enjoy! Since 1931


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Friday Favorites Link Up!

It’s Friday again, so that means Friday Favorites link up with the awesome ladies at Momfessionals, A Little Big of Everything Blog, and Grace and Love Blog.


I posted this inspirational quote on our Instagram page and I just love it! Life is all about taking chances, making memories, being brave, being happy and fulfilled, and going on new adventures! This is by far one of my favorite quotes! adventure


A few years ago my cousin got me the Q & A 5 year journal for Christmas. I’ve been journaling for years, since high school and still continue to do so. Although it can be hard on some days to find the time. So this is the perfect solution. Each day of the year includes prompts and you respond on 4 lines. Some of the prompts are :

  • If you could travel anywhere tomorrow, where would you go?
  • Who is your best friend?
  • What would your parents say about you?
  • What do you want to say when someone asks you, “What do you do?”

My favorite part of this journal is that you can keep a journal for 5 years in this small little book and it’s so fun to look back and see how your answers change to the same questions. It’s a fun little time capsule keepsake.

You can find it on Amazon , Barnes and Noble,  Overstock, and ModCloth. The prices vary online but I would go with either Amazon and Overstock. It’s between $5-$17 depending on it being new or used (on Amazon).


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Books I’m Currently Reading

unnamedHere are the 4 books that I’m currently in the middle of reading. I just finished Lea Michele’s Brunette Ambition and will be giving my book review this coming Wednesday August 13th.

I’m in the middle of Brooke Burke’s book right now, about half way through. So be on the look out for that review as well as the other two in the coming weeks.

Feel free to read along with me and give me your thoughts and opinions on these books, or other books I should be reading!


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Pin-spired Linked Up


I’ve enjoyed linking up lately with some of my favorite blogs that I check on a regular basis. So I’m continuing today with Pin-spired with Shay at Mix and Match Mama. She’s got great style that I really like. She doesn’t shy away from colors and knows what works for her. Shay also shares fun pictures of her sweet kiddos. If you haven’t already, definitely check out her website. She also has a food blog and a travel agency. Talk about a multi tasking mama!

pinspired2 copy

Pinterest is an amazing place for inspiration of all kinds (if you didn’t already know!) Weddings, parties, travel, what to read, inspirational quotes, and what to wear. I love browsing to see how other people style their clothes and accessorize.

So this month for my first link up with Get Pin-spired, I wanted to look up pink maxi skirts.  I recently bought both a hot pink maxi skirt as well as a black one. So I started looking for some ideas of what to pair my pink maxi skirt with and here is what I found:

Black striped shirt with a turquoise necklace and gold accessories. 

Black striped tank top, a black belt, aviators, and a black leather jacket. 9c0fb60a055ececdd66cd3da5a079a6b

 Jean jacket, white tank top, and turquoise jewelry.


 White tank top, turquoise jewelry, and a brown belt.  


 Black tank and blazer, turquoise jewelry, and nude wedges. 


Grey tank, gold jewelry, and a black belt.  


 Black tank, gold statement necklace, nude heels. 


Color blocking with an orange tank, gold belt, black leather jacket, and bright accessories. 



I love how different yet simple these outfits are. With a few accessories (mostly turquoise and gold jewelry) and belts these outfits are totally transformed. Next time I put on my hot pink maxi skirt I’ll have these to look at for inspiration. Which is your favorite?

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I Didn’t Come Here to Make Friends by Courtney Robertson


I Didn’t Come Here to Make Friends, is a real, juicy, tell all of Courtney Robertson’s life before, during, and after her time on the Bachelor. She spares no one in her rampage. She names names and specific incidents of her time in “the Bachelor bubble” as they call it. I do remember watching Ben’s season that she was on, and thinking she said some really mean things. She explains that she was trying to be funny and that it was her way of dealing with the tough situation.

She talks about how hard it was for her as well as her family to have her name dragged through the media. People openly criticized her and her actions. And she tried to own up to them but it was too little, too late.

She detailed the time after the show was done filming and how her and Ben tried to make their relationship work. Courtney talks about how it was hard for her family and friends to see why she had fallen for Ben and that they had their doubts. She also felt judged by Ben’s family and mentioned the condescending things they said to her about not going to college.

This is the first real tell all from Bachelor Nation alumni and I thought it was really interesting and honest. I would highly recommend this book to anyone who watches the Bachelor / the Bachelorette!

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Shawn Johnson

Shawn Johnson is retired, Olympic gold and silver medalist for gymnastics at the young age of 21!  She is also a Dancing with the Stars champ. She is so cute and petite at just 4 feet 9 inches! She dresses so adorably, love her. 84f1d6031f1649c9e4fb86a92763ec81













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Music Mondays : The Fray – Hold My Hand

The Fray is my favorite band. I’ve followed them for years, since the very beginning. I’ve seen them countless times in Chicago, Milwaukee, and LA. I’m a bit of a groupie. :)

My boyfriend and I have met them twice, once at a meet and greet in Barnes and Noble and once after a concert. They are phenomenal and have really grown as a band. I love their music when they first started and still love it today, years later. They have really great, thoughtful lyrics which I really appreciate. I will be featuring them quite frequently on Music Mondays. Hold My Hand is a new song of their latest album, Helios.

I saw them in June at the Greek Theatre in LA and they were so much fun! They always are, they are great live. They are currently on tour all over the US and worldwide as well as in South Africa and all over Europe. Untitled design (3)

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